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Three cold rolling process

The cold rolling process of a single-stand twenty-roll cold rolling mill can be divided into three main stages for better understanding: feeding and threading, reversible rolling, and unloading and rewinding.

Feeding and Threading Stage:

Steel coils are transported to the coiler of the uncoiler using a loading trolley in the feeding and threading stage.

A floating uncoiler is often employed to ensure that the steel strip remains at the center of the rolling mill.

After uncoiling, the steel strip undergoes straightening through a leveling machine.

Some mills are equipped with a hydraulic shear for cutting the head of the steel strip.

The steel strip, guided by a swinging guide table, crosses the front coiler and is directly fed into the twenty-roll cold rolling mill.

The uncoiler continues to feed the steel strip through the mill until it reaches the clamp of the rear coiler. The clamp grips the leading end of the strip, winds 2-3 turns around the coiler, and stops feeding, marking the end of the threading stage.

Reversible Rolling Stage:

After threading, the upper and lower work rolls are properly positioned.

The rolling line is adjusted, and the mill closure door is closed.

The front pressure plate is lowered, and the exit-side wiper presses against the steel strip.

The lubrication and cooling system of the rolling mill is activated, supplying fluid.

The steel strip is pressed by the rolling mill, and the coiler imparts forward tension to the strip.

Thickness and speed gauges at the front and rear of the mill enter the rolling line.

The mill unit begins the first pass of rolling.

Unloading and Rewinding Stage:

After the completion of rolling, the steel strip is unloaded from the rolling mill.

The rewinding operation takes place, and the rolled steel strip is wound onto the coiler.

Throughout the entire rolling process, high tension is applied to ensure the quality of the strip.

After rewinding, the steel strip can undergo further processing or be shipped.

This description provides an overview of the three essential stages in the cold rolling process of a single-stand twenty-roll cold rolling mill.

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