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Introducing the Rolling Mill - Continuous Casting and Rolling Machine

There are many types and models of rolling mills, and this article focuses on one specific type, namely the rolling mill, commonly known as the continuous casting and rolling machine. This rolling production line boasts high efficiency, comparable performance to international leading levels in rolling steel, and is a commonly used rolling mill solution in large-scale steel plants in China.

It is suitable for single-variety, high-yield products, such as the classic mode used for bar and wire production lines. The process involves the linkage of four major steps: scrap steel smelting, continuous casting of billets, shearing, and continuous rolling. This rolling equipment operates continuously, and during operation, all processes need to work together. Driven by the motor, the rotor rotates at high speed. Through the inertia rotation of the flywheel assembly, power is increased and transferred to the rolls on the rolling mill after being distributed by the reducer and gearbox. The billet undergoes mutual squeezing with the rolls and is subsequently discharged as the final product.

Traditional rolling mills are not suitable for high-yield products. If a high product yield is required, it can easily lead to severe piling or jamming in the rolling mill. This can reduce the fatigue strength of the rolls, preventing them from achieving the required rolling speed, and may even result in motor burnout, affecting normal rolling production.

The gap between the rolls and guides is designed based on the plastic deformation of the billet. Depending on the different rolling products, the hole type design also varies. When the billet cannot smoothly enter the rolling mill, adjustments can be made to the guides to control the entry and exit of the billet. The flywheel assembly can adjust the periodic speed fluctuations during operation, ensuring smooth and uniform motion, increasing rotational inertia, overcoming resistance, and saving energy.

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