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Runhao Machinery is committed to promoting the development of the steel metal processing industry.

Tangshan Runhao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to driving the development of the steel metal processing industry and has shown outstanding performance in the industry. The team from Runhao Machinery is often present at high-level steel and metallurgical industry exhibitions. For example, in events like the 2014 and 2015 Canton Fair, the Asia-Europe Expo, and the 2023 Moscow Metal Processing Exhibition, Runhao Machinery's strong sales team as pioneers, supported by an efficient after-sales team and a knowledgeable technical team, has earned a good reputation in the industry.

Throughout its development of over twenty years, Runhao Machinery has engaged in extensive cooperation with numerous steel enterprises in the industry, including Handan Iron and Steel, Shandong Qianjin Steel, and others. The continuous casting and rolling production lines and blooming mills provided by Runhao Machinery have played a crucial role in this process.

The rolling production line configured by Tangshan Runhao Machinery primarily consists of a motor, flywheel assembly, reducer, gearbox, transmission shaft, rolling mill, and other components. With outstanding rolling performance, high efficiency, and low energy consumption, Runhao Machinery has gained high appreciation from steel mills.

Remaining focused, Runhao Machinery not only sends highly professional steel technicians to events but also showcases the company's newly developed steel equipment and production line configuration solutions.

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