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Rolling machinery and equipment management and maintenance

Problems exist in the management of steel rolling machinery and equipment

1. The management system is not sound
The management and maintenance of steel rolling machinery and equipment is inseparable from a sound management system. In the relevant management system, the responsibilities of different staff and institutions are clearly defined, so as to smoothly carry out the daily management and maintenance of steel rolling machinery and equipment.
For many large enterprises, once open rolling production line, the whole personnel and equipment transfer is more complex, however, many enterprises are not constructing a sound system of steel rolling machinery and equipment management, management organization setup is not clear, even the lack of professional management and maintenance personnel, due to the enterprise leadership for management and maintenance of mechanical equipment of steel rolling understanding does not reach the designated position, excessive lean management department, to a certain extent, cause the disjunction between operational and management, for lack of mechanical equipment management problems of steel rolling, the serious influence the steel rolling machinery and equipment management and maintenance work to carry out the situation.
In addition, many enterprises of machinery and equipment of steel rolling are not strict and complete management and maintenance work, mechanical equipment of steel rolling technology archives building is not perfect, in daily work just blindly follow rolling condition, using mechanical equipment management is chaotic, order some units and enterprises acquire some new machinery and equipment of steel rolling, not booked in time, caused many people to operate the equipment, improper operation method, steel rolling machinery and equipment damage.
2. Backward steel rolling equipment of the enterprise
With the development of China's socialist market economy, the competition between iron and steel enterprises has become more and more fierce, and the production technology level has been constantly improved, which requires the continuous introduction of advanced technical personnel and advanced steel rolling equipment.
However, in the actual production process, some enterprises have the aging of steel rolling production machinery and equipment, but in order to save investment costs, failed to update equipment in a timely manner, leading to large-scale project production can not be put into production in a timely and effective manner, to a large extent, affecting the future development of enterprises.
Moreover, with the increasingly fierce competition in the iron and steel industry, some enterprises fail to forecast the market prospect and establish a sound development plan in combination with the development of the market economy. As a result, some machinery and equipment cannot meet the actual requirements after being put into production, which reduces the use efficiency.
In actual production process, and blind pursuit of efficiency of enterprise, and even add large equipment, and no considering the demands of energy consumption, environmental protection and energy saving, not only increased the cost of the enterprise, is also contributing to the mechanical equipment the average utilization rate is very low, lead to stop processing enterprises, increase the enterprise economic losses.

3. The production and maintenance of all staff have not been fully implemented

At present, most of the enterprises in order to promote work efficiency continuously strengthen, use the management mode of the TPM, total production maintenance needs to "repair" and fully integrated into the "after creating all the staff into the maintenance system of behavior, to promote the equipment can achieve optimal performance, to prevent the failure repair later.
In concrete operation link, however, part of the company due to the size of the economic environment, the constraints, managers did not fully realize the importance of equipment management and maintenance of steel rolling, the comprehensive implementation to total production maintenance, operating workers only responsible for product processing, and completely ignored the management and maintenance of mechanical equipment of steel rolling, resulting in steel rolling equipment can use much less time.
Because most companies have also failed to effectively implement the tally system maintenance measures, such as equipment maintenance management are often confined to "maintenance", "preventive maintenance" awareness is not enough, the equipment failure and degradation phenomenon also failed to timely discovery, prevention, timely repair, so as to cause unnecessary waste of manpower, material and financial resources.
Enterprise equipment maintenance "waste" phenomenon is very serious, the individual maintenance personnel for the sake of convenience, is still a big repair of some value to repair old not to use, let its subjective casually discarded, what is more, not to consider the overall performance of the other equipment, a policy of "robbing Peter to pay Paul", muddle along, as long as the mechanical work is a job, the results also can only be the wasted effort.
Two, rolling machinery and equipment management and maintenance strategy
1. Establish and improve relevant rules and regulations
First of all, it is necessary to establish and optimize the system related to the management and maintenance of steel rolling machinery and equipment, fully implement the unity planning, and arrange specialized personnel to be responsible for it.
With professional management and people management integrated management model, indicate the charge and the group of tube specific responsibility and authority, as far as possible each hierarchical functional staff arouse the enthusiasm, fully mobilize the initiative and enthusiasm of staff, to encourage all staff related to mechanical equipment of steel rolling are able to maintain equipment.
Fully implement the "fixed person, fixed machine and fixed post" three fixed mechanism, so that all the steel rolling machinery and equipment management can be fully implemented in the body of all people.
Because "three fixed" mechanism is an important cornerstone of the enterprise mechanized processing, so in the specific implementation link not only need to arrange the corresponding staff, and must not change their posts, so as to better complete the steel rolling machinery and equipment management and maintenance work.
2. Strengthen the equipment maintenance system
For any type of rolling machinery equipment, can be from the maintenance, use and maintenance of the three aspects of processing, and the need to be carried out at the same time between the three, one cannot be absent.
In order to reduce the failure rate and extend the service life of the equipment, it is necessary to closely cooperate with the production according to the use of the machinery and equipment, and perform various maintenance and repair work regularly according to the specified operation cycle (kilometers or hours) of the equipment.
For the machinery and equipment with advanced technology level and high price, it is difficult to repair these equipment with experience and common tools only because of its high technical content.
Therefore, these mechanical equipment should be used modern means, with economic and reasonable methods to carry out maintenance, change the previous implementation of the compulsory repair system under the background of the planned economy, the implementation of the "repair according to the situation", to avoid the machinery is not broken repair, broken and unable to repair the situation.
3. Strengthen the training of maintenance and management personnel
In the process of steel rolling machinery and equipment production, talent is the most important factor, the need for iron and steel enterprises combined with the situation, the introduction of advanced management personnel, the establishment of an effective talent reserve mechanism, better management and maintenance for the enterprise steel rolling equipment, timely and effectively solve problems such as equipment failure.
At the same time, the enterprise should combine the professional quality of maintenance personnel and the operation of equipment, formulate a perfect talent training plan, clear management objectives, improve the comprehensive quality and professional ethics of maintenance management personnel, so as to create more economic benefits for the enterprise.
For steel rolling enterprises, the need for sophisticated professional and technical personnel, it can be said that the quality of personnel to a large extent determines the future development of enterprises.
Therefore, steel rolling enterprises should combine with the actual situation, strengthen the training of professional maintenance management personnel, for the future equipment management and maintenance work to lay a good foundation.
In addition, the enterprise should improve the pertinence and effectiveness of training, strengthen the cultivation of talents' professional quality, and enhance the core quality of professional maintenance personnel, so as to improve the performance of equipment, meet the production level of the enterprise, integrate more scientific and technological content, and create more economic benefits for the enterprise.
4. Establish a reward and punishment system
Enterprises need to attach great importance to the management and maintenance of steel rolling machinery and equipment, and establish a reward and punishment system, through sampling inspection or fixed maintenance, carry out regular and irregular inspection and evaluation work, according to the evaluation and inspection results to implement the reward and punishment.
Among them, for the use and maintenance of better staff to carry out spiritual and material rewards;
And for the violation of the operation and management of poor staff to criticize education and punishment measures.
Rolling machinery equipment belongs to heavy equipment, in the actual production process of the movement and operation are very difficult.
, therefore, needs the enterprise to strengthen the daily maintenance work of steel rolling machinery and equipment, and take effective management measures and maintenance methods, steel rolling machinery and equipment for scientific and rational management and maintenance, prolong the service life of mechanical equipment, improve the work efficiency of the mechanical equipment to improve production efficiency of enterprises, promoting market competitiveness add brick add tile for the enterprise.

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