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Continuous casting machine

  • Continuous casting machine
Continuous casting machine

Continuous casting machine

  • Drawing speed:1.5m-4m/min
  • Garden billet size:φ60~φ250
  • Billet size:60x60~250x250
  • Model:R3000~R8000
  • Product description: Continuous casting machine production process. High temperature molten steel continuous casting to one or a set of water-cooled copper mold, steel along gradually solidified into a shell surrounding

Main process flow is: from molten steel ladle outflow, first into the tundish, then into arc crystallizer, formed in crystallizer slab roller downward movement along the arc, arc movement by water spray cooling, until the complete or partial solidified, then casting to the horizontal tangent point into the machine, then use the flame cutting handlebar slab cutting length, from the horizontal loading.
My company's continuous casting machine production of billet mainly have, billet, garden billet.

The section size of billet should be determined according to the need of rolling and the compression ratio during rolling.
The capacity of the furnace and the capacity of the casting machine should also be considered.
It is generally equipped with large section and multi - flow continuous casting machine for large steelmaking furnaces.
The rolling compression is preferable 6 ~ 10.
For stainless steel and heat resistant steel, take a minimum of 8; for high speed steel and tool steel, take a minimum of 10; for carbon steel and low alloy steel, take 6.

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