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Ancillary equipment

  • Roller table、Lift table
Roller table、Lift table

Roller table、Lift table

  • Roller surface width:300mm~2000mm
  • The gear material:45#、Q345
  • Weight:800kg~7000kg
  • Length:Custom customization
  • Product description: Roller table is the main equipment for transporting rolling parts in rolling workshop. Its weight accounts for about 40% of the total weight of the equipment in the whole rolling workshop, and it is t

The working roller table is close to the working machine seat, feeding the rolling piece into the mill before and after the working machine seat, catching the rolling piece after rolling, and returning to the rolling mill for rolling until the finished product is finished and sent to the next working procedure.
The work roller table is divided into frame roller table, main work roller table and auxiliary work roller table.
Frame roller table refers to a few working rollers in the frame of the working machine seat.
The main working roller table is close to the working frame. It feeds the rolling parts into the mill and accepts the rolling parts. Therefore, it is a roller table that often participates in the work, so it is called the main working roller table.
When the length of the rolling piece exceeds the main working roller table, another group of working rollers participate in the work. This group of rollers is called auxiliary working roller table, or extended roller table.
The working roller table on the rolling mill is divided into input roller table and output roller table. One side of the rolling piece is called the input roller table, and the other side is called the output roller table. That is, from the heating furnace to the hot mill is called the input roller table, from the hot mill to the next process is called the output roller table, and the extension part at both ends of the output and input roller table is called the extended roller table.

The company's production equipment is mainly used in rolling mills, the equipment can produce bar, wire, steel, strip steel, output from 10,000 tons/year to 500,000 tons/year:

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