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Heating Furnace

Heating Furnace

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Continuous heating furnace consists of the furnace body, fuel chamber, discharge hole, flue, and pusher. The furnace body comprises the heating zone, preheating section, and furnace tail expansion. In the metallurgical industry, there are two types of furnaces: continuous furnace and compartment heater.

Metal heat treatment utilizes the heat treatment heating furnace, and heating the billet before roughing is referred to as a soaking pit. The heating furnace also consists of a soaking pit and heat treatment heating furnace. Continuous heating furnaces usually use gas, heavy oil, or coal as fuel. The fuel in pulverized form should have a heat exchanger and heat recovery boiler installed.

Heating temperature 1250 ºC
Fuel natural gas, heavy oil, diesel, coal, etc
Volume/Tonnage customized
Brand RunHao
Primarily utilized for preheating blanks before rolling, the heating furnace boasts a patented multi-strand jet structure and flame dispersion combustion technology. It delivers high-quality heating, minimizing temperature differences within the billet’s section and length direction. Specifically designed for upper heating, it is commonly employed for blanks below 150 mm in thickness.

The furnace adopts P-HTAC control technology and a PLC HMI distributed control system, ensuring precise temperature control and efficient combustion, thereby reducing oxidation burning loss. Featuring a high-efficiency heat storage honeycomb structure, it maintains a small and compact design, more than doubling conventional heat storage efficiency. The refractory material furnace bottom requires no water cooling, ensuring energy savings, safety, and longevity.

With a natural gas consumption of less than 40 m³/t, it utilizes double heat storage of air and gas for ultimate preheating recovery. Compatible with various gas fuels, such as blast furnace gas, hot dirty gas, mixed gas, natural gas, liquefied gas, and generator gas, it employs pulse combustion for stable flame length, especially during low yield or heat preservation, ensuring uniform furnace cross-section temperatures.

The furnace design features a multi-strand jet structure, minimizing flue gas high-speed erosion and local high temperatures, with a honeycomb life of up to 18 months. With less than 100℃ temperature difference between medium preheating and inlet flue gas, it maximizes recovery of flue gas waste heat. Employing low oxygen volume dispersion combustion, it adheres to Industrial Furnace and Kiln Air Pollutant Emission Standards (GB9078-1996).

The furnace incorporates a pneumatic reversing valve for stable and reliable operation, with a life expectancy of 1.5 million cycles. Its castable whole furnace top and compound layer furnace wall structure minimize heat loss. Oxidation loss is controlled below 1.0%, and the gas calorific value is measured by an online calorimeter, ensuring controlled air-fuel ratios. Equipped with an advanced three-electric integrated automatic control system, the heating furnace supports manual, semi-automatic, automatic operation, and material tracking.

Different customers often have unique requirements, including heating methods, production capacity, workshop area, etc. Hence, what customers truly need is a comprehensive hot rolling mill solution. Typically, upon receiving customers’ production requirements and plans, our engineers and designers convene to study and formulate a complete set of hot rolling mill equipment solutions.

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