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  • Two roll horizontal rolling mill
Two roll horizontal rolling mill

Two roll horizontal rolling mill

  • The speed of rolling:3m-20m/s
  • Rolled billet dimensions:40-250
  • Equipment model:250~1000
  • Roll diameter:φ280-1300
  • Product description: two high rolling mill, rolling mill, steel rolling mill, steel strip rolling mill,

The two-roll hot rolling mill is a fundamental component in metalworking, crucial for shaping and reducing the thickness of metal sheets. The engineer of RunHao machinery provides a detailed exploration of the mechanical features of the two-roll mill, emphasizing the roll system assembly, axial adjustment mechanism, roll seam adjusting mechanism, pull rod assembly, and roll balancing device.

Roll System Assembly:

The roll system assembly consists of two cylindrical rolls positioned parallel to each other. These rolls play a pivotal role in the hot rolling process, exerting pressure on the metal to achieve desired thickness and properties. The choice of materials for the rolls, often high-chromium steel or alloys, is critical to withstand the intense heat and mechanical stresses during rolling.

Axial Adjustment Mechanism:

The axial adjustment mechanism allows for precise control of the distance between the two rolls. This adjustment is crucial for accommodating different material thicknesses and ensuring uniformity in the final product. Commonly, hydraulic or mechanical systems are employed for axial adjustments, allowing operators to fine-tune the mill according to specific production requirements.

Roll Seam Adjusting Mechanism:

The roll gap adjusting mechanism utilizes advanced engineering, often employing hydraulic or electric systems to achieve precise control over the distance between the rolls. This feature is essential for maintaining consistent product thickness and quality during the rolling process.

Pull Rod Assembly:

The pull rod assembly, operated by screws or hydraulic systems, facilitates symmetrical adjustment of the upper and lower rolls. The materials used in the pull rod assembly are selected for their strength and durability, ensuring the assembly can withstand the substantial forces involved in the rolling process.

Roll Balancing Device:

To counteract the effects of the dead weight of the rolls and ensure uniform pressure during rolling, a roll balancing device is incorporated. This device contributes to the overall stability and precision of the mill, influencing the quality of the final rolled product.

Advantages of Two-Roll Hot Rolling Mill:

The two-roll hot rolling mill offers advantages such as simplicity in design, ease of operation, and versatility in processing various metals. Its compact structure and efficient roll arrangement contribute to its widespread use in the metalworking industry.

Considerations and Conclusion:

While the two-roll hot rolling mill is a versatile and essential tool in metal processing, considerations include material selection for the rolls, maintenance of precise axial adjustments, and the overall structural integrity of the mill. Understanding these factors is crucial for optimizing the performance and longevity of the two-roll hot rolling mill in industrial applications.

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