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  • mill roll used for produce rod/wire
mill roll used for produce rod/wire

mill roll used for produce rod/wire

  • Hardness:HSD58-80
  • Size:φ280-800
  • Maximum length:6000mm
  • Product description: mill roll,Rolling mill,Hot rolling mill,Three high rolling mill,Two high rolling mill,Four high rolling mill,mill roll,Continuous casting machine,Billet continuous casting machine,Billet continuous ca

Rolls Used in Hot Rolling Mills for Bar and Wire Production

Runhao Machinery can customize various models and materials of rollers with a maximum diameter of 2000 millimeters and a maximum weight of 60 tons for customized section steel/bar/wire/plate/strip rolling mills. Rollers for the production of hot-rolled strip with a width below 1450 millimeters can also be customized.

In the realm of hot rolling mills, rolls designated for the production of bars and wires are fundamental components, playing a pivotal role in achieving the desired quality and efficiency of the final products.

Role and Function:

Rolls for bar and wire production are integral to the hot rolling process. They exert controlled pressure on heated metal billets, facilitating their deformation into various bar and wire profiles. The rolls are essential for ensuring precise dimensions and quality of the end products.

Types and Structure:

These rolls typically comprise work rolls and backup rolls. Work rolls directly engage with the heated metal billets, applying the necessary force for rolling, while backup rolls provide support and balance, ensuring the stability of the entire rolling process.

Applicable Products – Bars and Wires:

Specifically designed for bar and wire production, these rolls cater to the manufacturing of a variety of profiles, including bars and wires. Their design considers the specific dimensions, shapes, and production requirements associated with bars and wire materials.

Materials and Manufacturing Process:

To withstand the demanding conditions of high temperatures and heavy loads, rolls for bar and wire production are often crafted from high-strength alloy steel or materials with high chromium content. Rigorous heat treatment and surface treatments are integral to the manufacturing process, ensuring enhanced wear resistance and stability at elevated temperatures.

Surface Treatment:

Rolls undergo surface treatments, such as chrome plating, to augment hardness, minimize friction, and extend overall longevity. These treatments contribute to the efficiency and sustained operation of the production line.

Design Features:

The design of these rolls is adaptable to accommodate different bar and wire profiles. Variations in design, including flat rolls, grooved rolls, and other configurations, are employed based on the specific requirements of bar and wire rolling.

Rolls dedicated to bar and wire production in hot rolling mills are crucial components in the steel industry. Their specialized design and manufacturing processes are essential for ensuring both the high quality and production efficiency of bars and wires.

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