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Continuous casting machine

  • Continuous casting machine
Continuous casting machine

Continuous casting machine

  • casting speed:1-5m/min
  • Square billet size:60*60-300*300
  • Size of slab:160*230-160*450
  • Model:R3m-R11
  • Product description:

1.1. Key technical parameters for equipment:

Continuous casting machine type curved billet continuous casting machine
Arc radius R=6000mm
Stream number, three machines, three streams
Flow spacing 1200mm
Cross section of casting billet 120 × 120mm, 150 × 150mm Φ 110- Φ 160mm
Fixed length of casting billet 3.7-12 meters
Steel tank support method: Ladle turntable
Two intermediate tank trucks
Intermediate tank type, capacity, electric cylinder automatic control plug rod open and close type, capacity 12t
Structure of crystallizer: Copper tube water jacket combination type
The upper section of the billet guide device is an active section, and the lower section is a fixed section
The pulling speed range of the straightening machine is 0.6-6.0m/min
Casting billet cutting method flame cutting machine
Billet production method track, double-layer flipping cooling bed, flipping cylinder machine, cylinder moving machine, and pushing steel machine
Track speed 32m/min
Steel moving capacity 3.2t
Steel structure platform
Upper platform elevation+6.700m [track elevation+0.60m]
The length and width of the upper platform surface are 23800 × 13100mm

Elevation of lower platform surface

1.2 Important equipment technical performance
1.2.1 Ladle turntable
Carrying capacity 2 × 80t [steel weighing 40t, ladle weighing 40t]
Turning radius 3500mm
Normal rotation speed of 1r/min, starting and braking at 0.1r/min
Rotation angle ± 180 °; ± 360 ° during malfunction
Rotating motor YZR160MB-6 AC 8.5KW 930r/min single axis extension IM1001 380V
H-class insulation IP54
Accident rotation speed of 0.5rpm
Accident rotation angle 180 °
Accident rotating oil motor oblique axis axial piston motor A2F63W2P1 P=10-13MPa
471r/min N=5.2-6.8KW
Impact coefficient 2 when placing the ladle
Dry oil lubrication system: Gear lubrication system
Multi point dry oil pump ZB-2 type N=18KW
Working pressure 31.5MPa
Oil storage capacity 30L
Oil supply volume 3.2 cubic centimeters/min
Spray nozzle GPZ-135 type

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