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Continuous casting machine

  • Continuous casting machine
  • Continuous casting machine
Continuous casting machineContinuous casting machine

Continuous casting machine

  • casting speed:1-5m/min
  • Square billet size:60*60-300*300
  • Size of slab:160*230-160*450
  • Model:R3m-R11
  • Product description:

Continuous casting machine production process. High temperature molten steel is continuously poured into one or a group of water-cooled copper crystallizers, and the steel gradually solidifies into a billet shell along the periphery of the crystallizer. When the steel liquid level rises to a certain height and the billet shell solidifies to a certain thickness, the straightening machine pulls out the billet, and the billet is completely solidified by spraying water in the secondary cooling zone. The cutting device cuts the billet into fixed lengths according to the requirements of steel rolling. This process of directly pouring high-temperature molten steel into steel billets is called continuous casting. Its emergence fundamentally changed the dominant steel ingot rolling process that had dominated for a century. Due to its simplified production process, improved production efficiency and metal yield, saved energy consumption, greatly reduced production costs, and good quality of steel billets, it has rapidly developed. The current steelmaking enterprises, whether it is long process steelmaking or short process steelmaking, require the equipment of continuous casting machines

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